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The principles of agile and lean development are challenging for organizations. Agile is really about accepting the reality that most of the time our customers are unsure of what they need.

While customers tend know what problems need to be solved; the challenge lies in bridging the business domain knowledge with the development expertise to solve them. In addition, product requirements typically change by a large percentage before final delivery to the customer.

Because of the intense level of competition in most industries, we need to adjust our mindset and start focusing more on the outcomes rather than the output. Big Agile provides the knowledge and the tools necessary to assist you in becoming agile, regardless of where you are in the process of change.

Join any of Big Agile's numerous ScrumMaster® and Product Owner® courses in order to educate yourself on the requirements necessary to become an agile professional. For a good list of reviews from our Certification Workshops, check out Trust Pilot.

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How can we help?


Through consulting activities, we analyze your organization's present procedures, pinpoint problem areas, and advise on how to most efficiently use Agile practices through variety of channels such as training, mentoring, and coaching.

Big Agile facilitates Agile workshops, performs Agile assessments, assists businesses in implementing specific Agile approaches like Scrum, Kanban, or furthering their skills in agile technical practices.

Frequent issues and impediments can be avoided with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable Agile consultant. We work directly with businesses to help them reap the benefits of Agile, which include faster cycle times, improved teamwork, coordination of complex work, and happier clients.

Interactive Learning Workshops

To begin an agile change, education is essential. It's important not to let the emphasis on education become the sole catalyst for change within the teams.

Our training sessions are extremely engaging and provide a hands-on learning atmosphere that encourages team building throughout the learning activity, which is essential for understanding agile development processes. With the help of our highly interactive seminars, teams are able to learn and put their newfound abilities into practice.

We also provide certifications in Scrum, including Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner®, as well as fully customizable workshops to fit your agile process. We are also capable of executive education, which can check whether or not the agile culture is developing as intended.

Professional Coaching

Big Agile will help focus on your journey to agility. A typical transition to agile encompasses these elements, but remember that every organization is different and likely demands a custom path of their own:

Fundamentals: Make sure that everyone within the scope of the change effort is familiar with the Agile Manifesto and its guiding principles, as well as the fundamentals of agile development. This is about being agile, not doing agile. The brands of agile that allow us to work within agile values and principles are important once we've established the agility mindset.

Cooperation: Agile development relies heavily on cooperation between many teams and stakeholders. We want to encourage the organization to adopt a collaborative approach and foster an atmosphere where employees feel free to express their thoughts and opinions; no one of us is smarter than all of us together.

Continuous Learning: Encourage the organization to adopt a continuous improvement strategy in which they routinely assess their processes and make improvements as necessary. This is known as iterative and incremental development.

Value Delivery: Agile development focuses on delivering high value outcomes to our customers; while most organizations focus simply on output to the customers. We want to s tress the value of providing clients with brief, usable bursts of functionality as often as we can.

Experimentation Mindset: Encourage the organization to experiment with various agile practices to see which ones work best for them. Agile development is not a one-size-fits-all methodology, so what functions well for one business might not function well for another.

Transparency: Agile development depends on open dialogue and transparency. Encourage the organization to be open about its developments, difficulties, and achievements.

Quick Wins and Accomplishments: Honor the team's triumphs and achievements. The team will be motivated and inspired to continue their agile journey as a result of this.

Set Good Examples: As a leader, we should practice agile development concepts. Set an example for the organization by demonstrating how to use agile practices in your work.

In order for organizations to continuously accept and adopt changing agile techniques, it is important to keep in mind that coaching on agile is a constant process itself.

Let's keep our attention on providing them with value while practicing grace, patience, and mercy throughout the change.

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Lance is a tremendous coach and trainer. His training for our department was thorough and engaging. His ability to speak to all levels of the organization and the various departments within it is invaluable when it comes to making a transformation or continuously evolving within one. His experience in the trenches allows him to better answer questions and guide you on how you should proceed with various situations. I am a better scrum practitioner because of Lance.0e3eaa1.jpgJessie IngramScrum Master
Big Agile has helped us since the beginning of our Scrum transition becoming a trusted part of our organization. The difference in Big Agile from other contracting partners is Lance's success in the real world before becoming a CST. Lance doesn't just know the theory he also knows how to apply the theory, speak with the whole programming department and to Executive Leadership on where to improve. Lance is technical enough to help highlight engineering areas for improvement and business minded enough to call out organizational areas of improvements.matt-kenney-client.pngMatt KenneyDirector of Product Engineering
Lance delivered a fantastic experience, with a great use of switching between zoom and mural to make it a very engaging class for our small group. He explained the topics both in a concise and clear manner, and I would take a class with him any day again.Andy S.CTO
The videos were comprehensive, short and covered the most important aspects of the course. This allowed for discussions on the live sessions. The timings were perfectly kept - everything happened as initially scheduled. This was important for me as I was taking the course out of timezone.Yuliana Y.Public Workshop Attendee
Lance is very knowledgeable and has a good presentation style that is matter of fact, interesting and easy to understand. We had a lot of good discussions that were very insightful in learning to become a better Product Owner. Also I don't think one thing could have been done to work better around the fact this had to be a remote class due to the pandemic.Tracy H.Public Workshop Attendee
It is my second Scrum Alliance course with Lance and Big Agile, excellent experience in both cases. Totally recommended.Diego S.Public Workshop Attendee
Lance did fantastic! Having done a lot of virtual workshops myself, I know how hard it is. He kept a great energy and is clearly skilled in some great engaging techniques. Everything was seamless and he was even able to pivot to additional resources/visuals to address ad hoc questions really easily! Filing away some tips for myself moving forward. Would love to get a breakdown of his virtual set up and tips!John T.Public Workshop Attendee
An outstanding course. The instructor was very knowledgeable. Pace-excellent, content-superb, good use of theory and very engaging. I look forward to attending another course. Well done!Dee C.Private Workshop Attendee
Lance did a great job of making our virtual training very engaging. This was the best virtual class that I have taken, so that says a lot (because I don't like virtual trainings).Ashley R.
Love the hands- on experience! That is something what many teachers miss at the colleges.Svetlana K.
Lance was a great presenter. Very energetic and was able to keep everyone engaged. His sense of humor and bubbly personality was welcomed!Sarah G.
A+, Lance Dacy was a fantastic instructor and helped to facilitate the class in a way that I feel we received the best experience possible.Keenan P.
5 Stars (*****), best class that i have been a part of in my career. That is saying a lot! The flow, attention to detail, group interaction. It was a joyful class that was not robotic and boring.Zach J.
Lance was a great teacher! Very engaging, stayed on track and provided great examples.Bridgett B.
Lance was an amazing facilitator and extremely knowledgeable. He knew how to get the groups to engage in an open fashion and was able to pivot throughout the sessions based on our needs.John T.
That it was more than just learning about Agile, it was also about implementing it and getting it started.Shawn C.
I liked the way how he was comparing real-life examples with Agile and Scrum. I liked his presentation and team activities, superb!Ashton W.
The workshop exhibited excellent organization. Regular updates on our progress were provided, ensuring clarity and fostering our ability to remain on course. The instructor facilitated an environment where questions were welcomed and interruptions for clarification were encouraged. Additionally, a discreet avenue for private inquiries was offered for those hesitant to disrupt the session. The sophisticated technology utilized enabled seamless group training sessions, even on intricate subjects, contributing to an effective learning experience.Brad D.
The session was truly enlightening; the instructor's expertise shone through, and I'm confident this learning will be beneficial in various roles. Their emphasis on applying Scrum principles and product backlogs beyond product teams resonated deeply. It's clear how versatile these methodologies can be in any capacity, offering valuable insights applicable across diverse professional domains.Taylor W.