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A lot of organizations struggle with the fundamentals of agile and lean development practices. Agile is about embracing the fact that most of the time, our customers don’t know what they want, our teams don’t know how to build it, and requirements change on average 65% before they reach any testing phase.

Agile and Scrum embrace these hard facts (regardless of what you are building) and allows you to optimize your organization for frequent and continuous delivery of valuable product. We rely on empirical data to inform our decision; usually arriving a lot closer to the customer's needs with a lot less surprises.

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Interactive Learning Workshops

Agile is not simply a process change. At the core, it is more about embracing a set of values and principles. Organizations struggle in their transition because agile is not a thing you can do. It is a state of being. It is mind-shift in normal organizational culture. Our goal is to be agile, not do agile.

Big Agile can help your teams and organization understand that the word agile simply means “the ability to move quickly and easily”. Organizations often embrace agile for the "quickly" part, but rarely focus on the “easily” part.

We do not magically become faster by simply embracing a set of values and principles. We have to work hard to condition ourselves in the change. Through continuous improvement we become faster, but faster is not necessarily the end goal.

The culture shift is all about how to make the work of building product easier through continuous improvement; consistently beating your competition to market. All organizations have normal problems of scale and process burden; making it difficult for teams to deliver.

Do you want to be normal?

Big Agile will focus your organization to practice agile; agilely. Through coaching, education, and assessments, we can help you prioritize your improvements and build the mindset of continuous improvement to sustain your transition organically. We truly believe that our goal is for you to need us less and less through your maturity. We have succeeded when you can sustain your transition and process on your own.

Interactive Learning Workshops

Education is a foundational element to any agile transformation. However, education should be a planned initiative to catalyze the change within the teams and not simply focus on education alone.

Our highly interactive training workshops not only teach teams the concepts they need to understand agile development practices; they also provide a hands-on learning environment that fosters team building throughout the learning activity. The teams learn and then practice what they learned in our workshops designed for high engagement.

In addition to fully customized workshop agendas, we can offer industry leading standards for Certified ScrumMaster® as well as Certified Scrum Product Owner®. Executive education is also an option to ensure that the culture required to foster agile is progressing.

Professional Coaching

Once the organization is planted in a solid foundation for change; ongoing coaching can ensure that we are constantly focused on the gaps between our ideal state vs. our current state.

Fully customized coaching options provide a structure around topics, education, and assessments aimed at building professional teams.

Resources Sent to Your Inbox

Agile is a journey; not a destination. Receive tips and tricks throughout the month that help you ensure your teams remain focused on continuous improvement.

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Meet Lance

Lance is a dynamic, experienced management and technical professional with the proven ability to energize teams, plan with vision, and establish results in a fast paced, customer-focused environment. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer® with the Scrum Alliance® which includes Certified Scrum Professional®, Certified ScrumMaster®, and Certified Scrum Product Owner®. Lance comes equipped with a great personality and servant heart that truly helps build cross-functional teams. Given his fun personality, overall size and appearance, he has come to be known as Big Agile.

Lance has lead teams of agile coaches and managers to sustain cross functional, self-organizing teams focusing on delivering the highest business value for their customers as early as possible through the Scrum process and agile engineering practices/craftsmanship. Getting a product truly "Done" takes discipline and his focus is on shaping a team's definition of done to include great engineering.

Lance is a true evangelist for Scrum having founded the successful DFW Scrum User Group as an outlet for professional networking and a community sounding board for Scrum. He has engaged and learned from many of the Agile Manifesto authors which has shaped his pragmatism in agile adoptions and transformations.

In his latest work, he has sought the metrics inherent with Scrum to help improve a team's planning and predictability; building confidence in their delivery for the business and customers.

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Lance is a tremendous coach and trainer. His training for our department was thorough and engaging. His ability to speak to all levels of the organization and the various departments within it is invaluable when it comes to making a transformation or continuously evolving within one. His experience in the trenches allows him to better answer questions and guide you on how you should proceed with various situations. I am a better scrum practitioner because of Lance.JESSIE INGRAMSCRUM MASTER
Big Agile has helped us since the beginning of our Scrum transition becoming a trusted part of our organization. The difference in Big Agile from other contracting partners is Lance's success in the real world before becoming a CST. Lance doesn't just know the theory he also knows how to apply the theory, speak with the whole programming department and to Executive Leadership on where to improve. Lance is technical enough to help highlight engineering areas for improvement and business minded enough to call out organizational areas of improvements.MATT KENNEYDIRECTOR OF PRODUCT ENGNEERING