Scrum Alliance Board of Directors Nomination

I am flattered and honored to be considered as a nominee for the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors 2024. I have been a guide at the Scrum Alliance since 2015 and a user group organizer since 2008. I thrive on community involvement and spreading education and coaching for those trying to practice Scrum. Being a business owner that is highly dependent on the Scrum Alliance, I also see some great things we can do to help bolster our brand.

My pledge is to represent our guide community and ensure we explore offerings that are well beyond a ScrumMaster®, Product Owner, or Developer. I also want to see the Scrum Alliance participate more in case studies and research. I will also be connecting with many of you in our CST® community for ideas and priorities that you think would help our brand move to the next level. If you are a member of the Scrum Alliance, I would be honored if you cast your vote my way.

Thank you for your consideration!