Should We Pursue Public or Private Learning Events?

Public learning workshops are great for individuals who want to learn more or a small organization sending a few people to help catalyze change. Once the organization is on a path of change, one of the best things we can do is support that change through private learning workshops and mentorship.

It can be a really powerful team building activity for the people involved as well as allows a safe space to debate and challenge differences; incubating a culture of innovation and psychological safety. If your organization needs some dedicated team building experiences while learning how to organization and structure or work for outcome delivery to the end consumer.

The question involves not just a focus learning agile techniques but about how effectively we can implement it in our unique environments. This is where the choice between private and public training becomes crucial. I wanted to share my experience on why private workshops might be more beneficial for a larger group of team members (let's say more than 10).

  • Customized Content: Private training is tailored to your organization's specific needs and challenges. While public training follows a general curriculum, private training allows you to dive deep into areas most relevant to your team and business, ensuring that every minute spent is of direct value to your teams.
  • Confidentiality and Openness: Your team can discuss real-world challenges, share experiences, and brainstorm solutions without the fear of leaking sensitive information. This environment fosters openness and collaboration and helps us practice psychological safety.
  • Cohesive Team Building: Private workshops are an excellent opportunity for team building. Everyone learns the same concepts, practices, and methods at the same pace, creating a unified understanding and approach towards tackling our work.
  • Flexible Scheduling: You decide the schedule. Whether you want to split sessions, conduct them after office hours, or even on weekends, you have the flexibility to choose what best fits your team's availability.
  • Cost-Effective: While the initial cost of private workshops might seem a bit higher, consider the long-term ROI. By focusing on challenges unique to your organization, the training delivers direct value, reducing the time spent on irrelevant topics. Plus, when training larger teams, private sessions can be more economical than purchasing individual public training seats.
  • Continuous Support: In all of our engagements, we offer post-training support, ensuring that the transition from learning to implementation is smooth. This support could come in the form of follow-up sessions, Q&A opportunities, or additional focused sessions, providing your team with a safety net as they put their new knowledge into practice.
  • Consistent Learning Environment: Private workshops can be conducted in your own familiar environment, reducing logistic challenges and ensuring that participants are comfortable and ready to absorb information.

We would love to help and will bring decades of experience and energy to your cause as well as make it safe and simple for your teams to receive help at the conclusion without more costly engagements or invoicing concerns.

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